Dreamforce 2012 After Conference Parties


Updated on 9/8. Added Shake It Up party.

Updated on 9/10. Added NPO Engagement party and Docusign After-After Party

As any Dreamforce vet will tell you….the days are long but the nights give you plenty of chance to relax and have fun. This years Dreamforce has over 700 sessions, along with keynotes and a huge Cloud Expo area. By the end of the day you can feel a bit overwhelmed and very “brain tired”. So much to learn and take in. So when nights comes around you want to have some fun (not too much fun that you ruin the next day, though, with too bad of a hangover).

If you are attending Dreamforce X you should already know that The Red Hot Chili Peppers will be performing Wednesday night at the Dreamforce Gala. But that is far from the only thing going for nighttime fun. Salesforce.com has some amazing partners and they are ready to “wine and dine” you. I am going to list all that I know of below; but before I do I want to write a few things for everyone, especially the “newbies”. These are great social networking events. That is what they setup for. The companies throwing these parties spend a lot of money on them. Please treat these events with respect and understand they happen to not just have fun but to network and most importantly promote the respected companies throwing the party. Don’t end up being “that guy” that everyone remembers for being the idiot that ruins a good party. And give some patronage to the partners if they have a product or service you need.

Okay…so now onto the parties. Click the links and signup as soon as you can as these parties will fill up fast.


First things to show are the Dreamforce Party Apps. These you can put on your mobile phone.

  • Appirio Party App – This isn’t really an app, as you don’t install anything. Simply bookmark the site. That easy.  Then find the party, see who else is going (or already there), and get directions. This is the most popular Dreamforce party app.
  • Partyforce – I haven’t really played with this one but it looks promising. It is available for Android or iPhone. You can build your whole party schedule in the app.
  • DFGuide.com – This is a new online guide built on force.com. It lists parties, locations to visit, and activities around San Francisco. Works great on mobile devices.

Monday, Sept. 17

Dreamforce might start on Tuesday but the parties begin the night before if you are already in town.

Map of Dreamforce at Night Parties – Monday: Save this map and easily find where you need to go.

  • Subscribed 2012 – Not really a party but thought I would list it anyways (they do have a cocktail reception Monday night). This is a free conference the day before Dreamforce. This is all about subscriptions. So if you work for a company that deals with subscriptions this is a must-go event. Zuora is the company hosting the conference. Their CEO is Tien Tzuo, former Chief Marketing Officer and one of the first employee’s at salesforce.com.
  • Informatica Cloud Connect Dreamforce Kickoff Party – This party begins at 7pm and goes until 11pm. It is at the Parc 55 Wyndham in Union Square. Since this is the only official party going on Monday night it should be a great place to meet a lot of fellow salesforce.com geeks.
  • Bluewolf’s Dreamforce Tech Meetup – If you get into town early I recommend heading over to 111 Minna for Bluewolf’s Tech Meetup. Bluewolf is salesforce.com’s “oldest” partner (I am pretty sure I am correct on this one) and a partner you really need to know. Runs from 5:30pm to 8pm, so you can hit this one up and then head over to Informatica’s party afterwards.

Tuesday, Sept. 18

Dreamforce opens on Tuesday. These parties should get you into the Dreamforce mood.

Map of Dreamforce at Night Parties – Tuesday: Save this map and easily find where you need to go.

  • salesforce.com’s Dreamforce Welcome Reception – The Dreamforce Expo will be hosting the welcome reception. You will be able to walk around the Expo, eat some good appertizers, and have some beer. This is a good starting point for the night. You will be able to see what all the partners have to offer in the Expo. 6pm to 8pm at Moscone North (Expo).
  • Silverpop Dreamforce Party – This is an invite only event at the Mezzanine. The Bare Naked Ladies will be performing at the private event. If you are lucky enough to get tickets it will surely be a great event (maybe I can score a few). 9pm to ?
  • Dreamforce Tweetup – This is the 4th annual Tweetup. This is one of the most social events you can attend. It is at the House of Shields and will go from 7pm to 11pm.
  • Masterpieces – This is a great party that is all about marketing. This event is hosted by many top notch marketing companies, including Marketo. Last year they had room for 2500 people and 5000 RSVP’ed. So get your name submitted quickly so you don’t miss out. This will be held at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art from 7pm to 11pm.
  • LGBTA Dreamforce Attendees – Meet other Dreamforce LGBTA attendees. This will be held at the Eve Lounge from 8pm to 10pm.
  • Klassy Cocktails and Karaoke – This is a non-profit party, so if you aren’t a non-profit please don’t crash this party. Party goes from 9pm to Midnight at the Butter Bar.
  • (New – Added 9/8) Shake It Up – salesforce.com is sponsoring this Welcome Party for Small & Medium Businesses. Advertised as a casual event. 8pm to midnight at Mr. Smith’s.

Wednesday, Sept. 19

Wednesday is the first complete Dreamforce day. Your mind might be tired but you deserve to unwind during the night.

Map of Dreamforce at Night Parties – Wednesday: Save this map and easily find where you need to go.

  • Dreamforce Gala – This is the party of all parties at Dreamforce. Each year salesforce.com brings in a known big named band to perform for all attendee’s. This year it will be The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Last years party saw Metallica putting on an amazing show. But keep in mind. If this is at the Moscone Center again, like they have done in prior years, get in line early.Last year saw a lot of confusion on where to enter and not everyone could get in right away (too many people and fire department controlled how many could go in). The Gala goes from 6:30pm to 10pm. My guess is the concert will start around 8pm. If salesforce.com keeps to prior years there will be plenty of good beer to go around for all.
    • UPDATE: Surprised I missed this. This years concert will be outdoors at the Civic Center. I have heard this should allow to accommodate everyone trying to go. Lets hope so, as last year was a bit of a mess at the concert.
  • Appirio After Dark – This is a party that many try to get into but not all succeed. It is an invite-only event. You might be able to get a ticket at their booth, win some tickets from them, or maybe just get lucky and score a few tickets. But if you can get tickets to this party do not let them slip away. Last years party was my favorite and surely this years will be just as good.  I will hopefully be there, that is if I can score a ticket again (hopefully someone from Appirio will read this and feel pity on me). The party will be at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art from 10pm to 2am.
  • Modern Marketing Mixer – This is a great place to go before the Chili Peppers will begin. The party is at The Great Room at the W Hotel from 5:30pm to 8:30pm.

Thursday, Sept. 20

Map of Dreamforce at Night Parties – Thursday: Save this map and easily find where you need to go.

  • Zuora Block Party – This is the party I am very much looking forward to. 9 food trucks! I love San Francisco food trucks. Plus live music, beer garden, and a vodka luge. This surely is going to be a great event. And hopefully I can score some VIP passes (another shameless request). The party will be closing down streets near the Mezzinine and is from 6pm to 11pm.
  • DF12 PlinyTheElder/Home Brew Off – If you love great beers this is the party for you. Last year I tasted many great home brews. All the beers are created by salesforce.com geeks (consultants or customers). My great friends at Force By Design are hosting this event. It will be held at the ROE Nightclub from 7pm to 10pm.
  • Astadia Cloud Connection Party – This is another well attended party by one of salesforce.com biggest partners. There will be a lot of people, plenty of drinks going around, and dancing all night long. It will be held at the Metereon from 9pm to 1am (so this is your late night destination).
  • Detour Marketing Mixer – Not all the info is out on this party yet. But it looks like they will also be having some food trucks. Eric Hutchinson will also be performing. It will be at the Four Seasons and starts at 7pm.
  • After Hours Party with FinancialForce – I don’t know much about this party yet. All I know is it at 25 Lusk from 9pm to 1am.
  • Chill with Clarizen – Come learn how to make your own Zentini. 6:30pm-9:30 pm. Go to the Clarizan booth (1339) and pick up an invitation.
  • At the Cloud Sherpas Party – Another one I don’t know much about. But this is what their site says: “This exclusive event offers signature cocktails, great food and the ambience of “California ingredients and Neapolitan tradition” at Zero Zero Nightclub”. Event goes from 6pm to 8pm.
  • Experience de.lyrium with Lyris – This looks like it will be a fun techno’ish party.  Hosted by Lyris this party will be at the Supperclub from 8pm to ? (6:30pm if you are a VIP…what does it take to be a VIP?).
  • The Village People – Yep, you read correctly….The Village People!!! Attend the Data.com keynote and get a ticket to this exclusive party. Keynote is at 12pm and concert is at 7pm. Concert is limited to 500 people and will be a first come first serve for those holding a ticket…this means even if you have a ticket you are not guaranteed entry.
  • salesforce.com Cloud Crawl – This annual event is sponsored by salesforce.com. Get a card in the Expo and have sponsors stamp the card. Get all the stamps and you get a bracelet to the party (if they keep to last years theme). Time and location given during Dreamforce week.
  • NPO Engagement Party – This is another party for non-profit organizations. Hosted by Idealist Consulting and Groundwire. Food, drinks, music, and good people to talk with for the night. 7pm to 1am at the John Collins Lounge.
  • DocuSign AFTER-AFTER Party – This is an invite only party hosted by DocuSign, IBM, LinkedIn and Thunderhead.com. This will be at the famous Ruby Skye and I heard there will be an awesome band playing. Engage with Docusign from the link in this post and you might be lucky enough to get a ticket. 9pm to 2am.

Friday, Sept. 21

Dreamforce comes to a close at 2pm but the party continues at night for those sticking around.

  • Dreamforce 2012 Cigar Tweetup – Are you a salesforce.com geek that loves cigars? Then this is the meetup for you. It will be at the Cigar Bar and Grill from 6pm to 9pm.

So remember the days are loaded but the nights are fun. Enjoy it. Network and it will make your Dreamforce that much better.

Hope to see you at some of the parties!

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