Getting around at Dreamforce 2012


With more than 70,000 people expected (yep, that is the new number) at Dreamforce ’12 it will be a hectic place. Getting around might seem a bit overwhelming. Luckily is all over it. They will be having shuttles from hotels to the Moscone Center, and shuttles from Moscone Center to the several locations having sessions and zones.

I will be listing (hopefully) a lot of info to help everyone out, myself included.  I will keep updating this post with more info as I find it.

Right now I wanted to share a Google Map I created. This shows all the Dreamforce San Francisco shuttle pickup locations going to the Moscone Center. Load the map and then zoom into your location. You should then be able to see the closest pickup location. Pickups are every 10 to 15 minutes during peak mornings and evenings. Waiting to hear exactly what those hours are.

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