Of course Dreamforce isn’t all about the parties


I have compiled and posted a lot about Dreamforce parties.  The parties at night are important to both network and relax after long days. Navigating through 50,000+ people, getting from the many new locations at this years Dreamforce, seeing the many awesome products large Expo, and  listening/learning from the 750+ possible sessions will make you brain tired by the end of the day. You need the nights to get you through the days.

But, of course, the most important part of Dreamforce is learning. The sessions, zones, clinics, and everything else going on during the day gives you a chance to learn a great amount. You also can put yourself in information overload. Watch out for this. You want to take as much as you can in but you do not want to push yourself too much where you then don’t learn enough because your brain shut down.

I suggest picking your top 5 sessions. Then choose your next 5 secondary sessions. Then the rest of the sessions you picked are below those 10. Make sure no matter what you go to your top 5 sessions. The secondary 5 you should make a strong effort to you go but if your miss one or two don’t feel bad. Remember you want to keep your brain sharp. The rest of your sessions go to if you can but skip if you are feeling tired or you know you won’t be able to take it all in. Your priority should be around keeping your brain sharp and able to remember/take in what you are learning; your priority should not be to take in as many sessions as you can.

When night comes around I recommend attending a party or two. Have a few cocktails or beers (if you drink). Network and have fun. This is your time to have fun but also talk shop. These events are a great time to talk about what you learned during the day, all while in a fun atmosphere. Don’t go overboard where the hangover the next day will make you want to roll up in a ball and not want to do anything.

Rinse and repeat each day. But I cannot keep stressing enough do not push yourself too hard during the day. Prioritize and then do not feel bad if you have to take a break.

PS – If you know you will miss a session try to remember to remove yourself from the session through the My Dreamforce App. Be a good salesforce.com citizn and free your seat up for someone else.

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