Responsive Web Design


I do not know how many of you have noticed‘s home page and it’s responsive web design. What am I talking about?  Well click the link to go to their home page and then resize your browser windows (slowly). If it resizes really small just drag it out (to the left or right). Now just resize it slowly. Notice anything happening? See the main image changing, the top menu getting smaller, etc…

I love it! This is what is needed.  Now no matter the size of your browser window, if you are using a tablet or mobile phone, etc… you get a nice web layout without having to detect what the OS is, what browser, etc… Responsive web design is becoming much more popular and is doing a great job with it.

John Polacekalso has a great demo and explanation of it. And check out this great example…one of the best I have seen: Blog And All That Malarkey

My site actually does this to. Resize and you will see the image getting smaller automatically. A bit different approach than does but the same principle behind it. Now time to get to work on all the corporate sites!

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