Trying to find a hotel for Dreamforce 13? Consider a vacation rental

Standard’s Dreamforce 13 (DF13) is fast approaching.  Last year over 80,000 attended Dreamforce. That means a lot of people traveling into San Francisco.  Hotels were already booked full and prices increased more than normal. Many people make the mistake of waiting too long to get a hotel booked and end up either far from the Moscone Center or paying a large premium for a not-so premium hotel / room.

I tell people to think about a vacation rental. If you are traveling in a group then a vacation rental will more than likely be less cost. But even if you are traveling alone a vacation rental might a better deal.

Last year I went to Dreamforce with 3 other people. If we each got our own hotel room the cost would have been $800+ a night total. We ended up renting a house for $375 a night. 4 bedrooms. Large kitchen. Backyard with plenty of seating. It was great place plus a huge cost saving.

So consider a vacation rental. But hurry as these will fill-up quickly, as well. No matter if you go for a vacation rental or a hotel, the key is to book as early as possible.

Here are some sites that list San Francisco Rentals.

AirNB – San Francisco





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