Nostalgia – You need how many custom fields? We got you covered!


Another nostalgia post. I like looking back at the “olden days’ of and reflecting on how things used to be. Sometimes I forget bits and pieces but that happens when you are one of the “old timers”.

Today I am thinking back when you could do a whopping 10 custom fields. This is where my memory fades a bit and I cannot remember for sure if it was 10 custom fields total or 10 custom fields per object (custom objects were not a known thing at this time). I think it was 10 per object but I could be wrong. Maybe one of the other “old guys” could remember and verify for me.

So yeah, 10 custom fields. As my past nostalgia post stated things like formula fields were not even a blip on the radar. Setup was long and hard, let me tell you, setting up those 10 custom fields. Don’t forget, though, we also had to enter picklist values of those out of the box fields,  too. Hard for me to write a lot more than this because it was as simple as that….10 custom fields.

To all those young whipper snappers out there need to see how hard we hard it back then. We didn’t have all these fun gadget and do-hickies built into

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