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NOTE: This page was updated on 1/16/2014. Steps 8 through 10 are not needed. Thanks to Ravi Kumar for pointing out the issue and Thomas Taylor for pointing out those steps are not needed.

On the Success Answer Site many ask how to create reports to show records that do not have a record in a related object. came up with a great addition to reports called Cross Filters. Very quickly and easily you can say “Show me records WITHOUT data in this object.  Works great.

But one question that comes up a lot is how do I show contacts that do not have an account associated with them. People normally go to create a new report and choose Contacts & Accounts as the report type. Then choose a Cross Filter. But this does not work. It will not show you only Contacts without Accounts.

What you can do is create a custom report type and then report off of this. These are the steps.

  1. Go to Setup–>Create–>Report Types
  2. Click New Custom Report Type
  3. Primary Object will be Contacts
  4. For Label and Description give these names/description that you will remember.
  5. Store in Category should be Accounts & Contacts.
  6. Choose Deployed
  7. Click Next
  8. Click the link “Click to relate another object”
  9. Choose Accounts
  10. Choose ” 
  11. Click Save
  12. Click the Reports tab
  13. Click new Report
  14. Click the plus by Accounts & Contacts, then click on the report type you just created (step 4 is where you named it)
  15. Click Create
  16. For Show click the drop down and choose All Contacts
  17. Remove any dates from your Date Fields
  18. On the left navigation find the Contact folder and right under that is Account Name: Account Name. Drag this field into the filters area.
  19. You will see three boxes.  Keep the first two the same and leave the third box blank.
  20. Click Ok.
  21. It should now say  –  Account Name: Account Name equals “”
  22. Click Run Report.
  23. Presto. Contacts without Accounts

Hope that helps some. Leave comments below if you have any problems or know of a better way to do the above.

7 thoughts on “Contacts without Accounts report

  1. Ravi

    Hello Bill,

    When I am (click relate to another object)

    * Each “A” record must have at least one related “B” record.
    * “A” records may or may not have related “B” record

    In the 9th step where choosing the object from the drop down list the accounts object is not visible.

    In the drop down showing only the

    *Campaign History

    Please help out bill in this issue

  2. Ravi – as regards your full issue, see my response in Success Answers.
    Bill – I think steps 8-10 should be deleted. Account is not a child object of Contact, so as Ravi points out, is not available if you’ve selected Contact as the master object for the CRT. The CRT should be Contacts only, with no relationships, and then the filter set as you describe.

  3. billgreenhaw

    Interesting. My production and my developer edition has Accounts in the list.

    But as Thomas pointed out looks like you can get away without those steps. I will update the post.

  4. ryan

    I’m a newbie, but am pretty sure that I can follow your directions. However, I don’t even have “Setup” as a navigation option, so can’t even start to create new report types, etc.

    I’m an administrator, so assume that I have the correct permissions?


  5. billgreenhaw


    You should be able to click the drop down arrow by your name in the upper right of your browser.

    If you still cannot do that then try adding /setup/forcecomHomepage.apexp to your URL after the once you are logged in.

    Also, I would go to and start watching the training videos and read some of the starting guides.

  6. Pamela

    Unfortunately, steps 1 and 2 are not options if using Group Edition of SFDC (winter ’16). Custom Report Types are not a feature of Group Edition. Any work arounds for Groupies?

    Setup–>Create–>Report Types
    Click New Custom Report Type

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