Welcome to my site. My name is Bill Greenhaw. I am a salesforce.com geek and MVP.

I am not the greatest writer around. Not even close. But hopefully you will enjoy what you do read, maybe laugh a bit, and hopefully learn something along the way.

Some say I think outside of the box but I don’t like thinking there is even a box to think outside of. In my mind only a solution exists. This might not fit with some people’s business philosophy ¬†and I understand this. My mind works this way, though, and this is how I will write here.

I am completely transparent on this site. I don’t try to hide anything. I don’t try to play any games. I am who I am and it is that simple.

Sarcasm might be used often on the site.

If you have anything you would like me to write about contact me. My services are also available, even though the amount of time might be limited.