Spring ’14 Release Notes – My Top List


Salesforce.com Spring ’14 Release Notes are out. I always love the new releases. What is there not to love? You get to learn and play with new “stuff”.

Here is my top list from the release notes. Others will probably have different favorites. These just are things that interest me. There are a lot of nice stuff coming in Spring ’14.

  1. Post Announcements in Chatter Groups

    I have been waiting for a feature like this for a while. This is definitely one of my top new features, if not the top. When I found it about this new feature my day got much better.

    I needed this while trying to promote the Dreamforce Weight Loss Challenge for DF13.You will be able to have a post in a Chatter Group this is prominent. This is a much-needed feature. Many times you are trying to promote something but the post gets lost when it is pushed down.

  2. Email to Post to Chatter Groups

    This was in beta before and with Spring ’14 it will be generally available.Each Chatter group will have a unique email address. You can send an email to this address and have it automatically posted to the group. This will be a great addition to Chatter groups.
  3. Salesforce1 Support for Communities

    The description says you can view and switch between your communities and your internal org. This will be a nice addition, as accessing communities via a native mobile client is much needed.
  4. Find and Endorse People Knowledgeable about a Topic

    This one really intrigues me. I will have to wait to see it in action before I can say it is something I really will like or not.Sounds like you can mark people as knowledgeable on certain topics and skills (other features of this release). Then others can endorse you if they feel you are knowledgeable.  The most knowledgeable people per topic look to be shown.

    My major concern on this will be people “gaming” the system. Communities with lots of users can possibly be “gamed”, so we will have to see how this will work. Hopefully this won’t be easy.

  5. Multiple Forecast Types

    Users will be able to choose up to four different forecast types. This will allow for greater analysis of forecasted data. The trend continues to enhancing forecasting with each release. And that is a great thing.
  6. Export Reports Without Footers

    After over 13 years of always having salesforce.com copyright and other information always export with reports you will be able to suppress this!!!! Yes, four exclamation marks. This right here might be my #2 favorite new enhancement of Spring ’14.
  7. Flexible Sorting in Reports

    You will have the ability to sort within groupings. If you have ever tried to sort within groupings and cussed out your monitor now you will smile.
  8. Accounts and Contacts for Customer Community Users

    This is a personal one for me. I am in the middle of a Community development. I was trying to think of the best way to go about allowing access, editing, and creating new contacts within the contacts account. Now I won’t have to build any Visualforce pages for this. Life is good.

Do you have any new features or enhancements you are really looking forward to seeing?

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