Healthy Road to Dreamforce ’14


Are you going to Dreamforce 2014? Looking to get a bit healthier before then? Well there is a group on the Success Community site that you should join – Healthy Road to Dreamforce ’14.

Last year I started a group on the Success site that named “Dreamforce Weight Loss Challenge”. It was great, as many people joined. The average person in the group lost about 12lbs. We also had some awesome sponsors that gave away some cool goodies to everyone who participated.

Because last years group was a success then I decided to continue it for the next upcoming Dreamforce. This year it is all about simply being healthier. This can be weight loss, more exercise, eating better, etc… And we are starting already! No better time to get healthier than now.

So come join this awesome group. You can click the link above to go check out the group. You can also officially sign-up via this form. Make sure you post and say hi to the group once you join.

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