Getting around at Dreamforce 2012


With more than 70,000 people expected (yep, that is the new number) at Dreamforce ’12 it will be a hectic place. Getting around might seem a bit overwhelming. Luckily is all over it. They will be having shuttles from hotels to the Moscone Center, and shuttles from Moscone Center to the several locations having sessions and zones.

I will be listing (hopefully) a lot of info to help everyone out, myself included.  I will keep updating this post with more info as I find it.

Right now I wanted to share a Google Map I created. This shows all the Dreamforce San Francisco shuttle pickup locations going to the Moscone Center. Load the map and then zoom into your location. You should then be able to see the closest pickup location. Pickups are every 10 to 15 minutes during peak mornings and evenings. Waiting to hear exactly what those hours are.

Of course Dreamforce isn’t all about the parties


I have compiled and posted a lot about Dreamforce parties.  The parties at night are important to both network and relax after long days. Navigating through 50,000+ people, getting from the many new locations at this years Dreamforce, seeing the many awesome products large Expo, and  listening/learning from the 750+ possible sessions will make you brain tired by the end of the day. You need the nights to get you through the days.

But, of course, the most important part of Dreamforce is learning. The sessions, zones, clinics, and everything else going on during the day gives you a chance to learn a great amount. You also can put yourself in information overload. Watch out for this. You want to take as much as you can in but you do not want to push yourself too much where you then don’t learn enough because your brain shut down.

I suggest picking your top 5 sessions. Then choose your next 5 secondary sessions. Then the rest of the sessions you picked are below those 10. Make sure no matter what you go to your top 5 sessions. The secondary 5 you should make a strong effort to you go but if your miss one or two don’t feel bad. Remember you want to keep your brain sharp. The rest of your sessions go to if you can but skip if you are feeling tired or you know you won’t be able to take it all in. Your priority should be around keeping your brain sharp and able to remember/take in what you are learning; your priority should not be to take in as many sessions as you can.

When night comes around I recommend attending a party or two. Have a few cocktails or beers (if you drink). Network and have fun. This is your time to have fun but also talk shop. These events are a great time to talk about what you learned during the day, all while in a fun atmosphere. Don’t go overboard where the hangover the next day will make you want to roll up in a ball and not want to do anything.

Rinse and repeat each day. But I cannot keep stressing enough do not push yourself too hard during the day. Prioritize and then do not feel bad if you have to take a break.

PS – If you know you will miss a session try to remember to remove yourself from the session through the My Dreamforce App. Be a good citizn and free your seat up for someone else.

Dreamforce is becoming quite the festival


Dreamforce 2012 is becoming so much more. Now it has its own musical festival.

All day, each day bands will be playing at the Dreamforce Plaza on Howard Street.

You still have to go the sessions everyone! LOL! But in following my earlier post about sometimes needing a break to keep your brain awake, this is a great idea by

You can even sign up for free tickets.

Volunteering at Dreamforce


Dreamforce is a great event where we all learn a lot. But Dreamforce also gives you the opportunity to give back. Salesforce Foundation gives a lot back to communties throughout the world. I suggest everyone go and read up on what they do.

During Dreamforce you will have plenty of chance yourself to give back, plus learn how to give back later. Here is a list of volunteer events.

Monday, Sept. 17 : McLaren Park Volunteer Event – This looks to be the biggest volunteer event this year. If you are at Dreamforce early or have a chance to show up a day early then I hope you will consider doing this. I have done of a few of these in the past and it was always a great time. It goes from 9am to 1:30pm.

Tuesday, Sept 18 : Project Night Night – Build night night packages for homeless children with Project Night Night. 11am to 2pm, Howard St West Park. Just show up if you are available.

Wednesday, Sept. 19 : Earthquake Kits – Build earthquake preparedness kits with the Red Cross. Howard St. West Park. 1pm to 5pm.

Thursday, Sept. 20 : Stop Bullying – Help Playworks stamp out bullying in schools. Contribute to anti-bullying posters, write inspiration letters to local youth, and take a break by playing recess with us. Howard St. East Park. Noon to 4pm.

On top of volunteering there will also be a great session “Bring Good Karma with your Admin Skills”. This session is on Thursday, September 20th from 12 PM to 1PM.  Below is the description of the event:

We all lead very busy lives and struggle to find time to give back. Join us to learn how you can use your Salesforce admin skills to make a big difference in the many nonprofit organizations that need you. is truly a community. Attending Dreamforce and networking makes you part of this community. Volunteering helps give back to communities around the world that need our help.

Dreamforce 2012 Playbooks, Maps, and other important docs


I am finding these nice PDF’s  They have some good info to help you with huge Dreamforce experience.

I will update this post when more become available.

Dreamforce Playbooks

Dreamforce Playbook

Dreamforce Playbook for Non-Profits and Higher Education

Whats New

Dreamforce Whats New 12 – This file name is a bit misleading. This has a ton of info in it including maps, agendas, how-to, and other great info.


Dreamforce ’12 Programs and Access FAQ – Good info on what the different types of tickets give you access to.

Useful Information – As the name says this has useful Dreamforce information, including free shuttle routes.


DF12 Campus Map – With 8 (yes eight) locations you want to get around to at Dreamforce this map will come in handy.